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Prof. Ning Wang
Prof. Ning Wang 
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai, China)

        WANG Ning is one of China’s leading scholars of comparative literature and cultural studies and a prominent literary and cultural theorist in the contemporary era. He got his Ph.D at Peking University and did his postdoctoral research with Douwe Fokkema in the University of Utrecht in 1990-1991. Wang was appointed associate professor by Peking University in 1991 and promoted onto the rank of full professor in 1992. He is one of the very few scholars who have published extensively on modern and contemporary Chinese literature and literary theory. He is particularly famous in the five fields: psychoanalysis and its critical reception in China, modernity and postmodernism, especially in its critical and creation reception in China, postcolonial studies with regard to cultural studies and translation studies, globalization studies from literary and cultural perspectives, and world literature studies with regard to cosmopolitanism. During the past decades, he worked as Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Beijing Language and Culture University (1997-2000), and has been Director of the Center for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Tsinghua University since the beginning of 2001. He is currently Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Changjiang Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Tsinghua University. Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has lectured extensively at over 80 universities in Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia.

Wang is one of the most productive literary scholars in present-day China. Apart from his 20 single-authored books and hundreds of articles in Chinese, he has also authored two books in English: Globalization and Cultural Translation (2004), and Translated Modernities: Literary and Cultural Perspectives on Globalization and China (2010). In addition, he has also published extensively in English in such international prestigious journals as New Literary History, Critical Inquiry, boundary 2, Modern Language Quarterly, Modern Fiction Studies, Comparative Literature Studies, European Review, Neohelicon, Semiotica, ARIEL, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, The Minnesota Review, Narrative, Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, Telos and The Amerasia Journal. He was elected to the Academy of Latinity in 2010 and to Academia Europaea in 2013. In 2017 Wang was elected President of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association.


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