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Round-tables and Workshops

Below you will find the list of Round-tables and Workshops that have been approved by the Screening Committee. And this list will keep updated on a weekly basis. 

1. 比较文学的边界跨边界

2. 比较文学变异学 The Variation Theory of Comparative Literature
3. 比较文学变异学(研究生论坛)The Variation Theory of Comparative Literature (Graduate Panel)

4. 东亚文学与跨界叙事 East Asian Literature and Transboundary Narrative
5. 平行研究的方法论建构与跨学科对话
6. China and the World: Confrontations and Fusions

7. "Comparative Literature and Religious Studies" Round-table: The Sacred and the Every Day

8. 国际汉学的传统与现代
9. 文学伦理学批评与跨学科、跨文类研究

10. 丝路文化与东方文学(Silk Road Culture and Oriental Literature
11. 近代翻译与世界文学观念的形成
12. 民间与民族 世界少数族裔文学比较

13. 文学人类学研究

14. 海外/美国华裔文学研究
15. 跨文化的文学阐释

16. 文学交流史叙述的观念与方法

17. 比较文学视野下的非洲文学及非洲流散文学分论坛 Panel of African literature and African diaspora literature: From Perspectives of Comparative Literature 

18. 比较文学视野下民族翻译研究

19. Chinese Literature in the Eyes of Others 

20. 文本、圖像與文體的跨域分析

21. Chineseness in Flux: Transnationalizing Chinese Cultural Identities (I) (ll)

22. 彼處、異域與此時︰差異的多重聲音

24.Translation as a Shaping Force of World Literature

26.South Asian Literature as World Literature: Issues of Recognition, Reception and Resistance
27. Pacific Insularity - Imaginary Geography of Insular Spaces in the Pacific. Session (l , ll, lll, lV, V)
28. History, Circulation and Analysis of Literary, Artistic and Social Discourses: a Comparatist Perspective

30. Typologizing the Dream / Le rêve du point de vue typologique

31. Know thine Enemy Antagonistic dynamics in graphic narratives
32. Russia and Japan: An Intellectual Dialogue in a Global Space
33.Decolonizing the Theory Canon
34.Comparative Gender Studies: Rooms, Media and Expressions of One’s Own

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