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1191266 Boundaries between the Aesthetic and the Sacred: Ethics and Necessity in Literature, a panel sponsored by The ICLA Committee on Religion, Ethics, and Literature


Kitty Millet, Professor of Comparative Jewish Literatures, SF State University


This panel examines how ethics proposes certain boundaries between the aesthetic and the sacred in literature and asks why these boundaries are enacted? Are they simply “culture-specific,” advancing the hegemony of the powerful over the powerless? Or are they necessary to resist that very dichotomy of power?  Is literature merely a site for ethical intervention or does it have its own autonomy necessarily? While these questions are representative of current debates within the study of literature, even more questions emerge when joined to the notion of comparative literature, i.e. when the idea of cross-cultural, or international literary traditions are examined in relation to national canons to suggest a broader theory of literary intervention. The ICLA Committee on Religion, Ethics, and Literature hopes to continue discussions about these questions initially suggested by the recent publication, Fault Lines of Modernity, the Fractures and Repairs of Religion, Ethics, and Literature (Bloomsbury, 2018) as well as identify new directions of inquiry through this panel.

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29 July- 2 August 2019

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29 Juillet-2 aout 2019

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