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26. WT South Asian Literature as World Literature: Issues of Recognition, Reception and Resistance


W. 26 

Chandra MOHAN ( General Secretary, Comparative Literature Association of India)

South Asian Literature as World Literature:

Issues of Recognition, Reception and Resistance

8 Sessions

E3-2033Jul. 30, s1-s4; Jul. 31, s1-s4


July 30 (Tues.)

S1 09:00-10:30  HOSSAIN, Mashrur Shahid / PANNIAN, Prasad / SATYANATH, TS

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Regional vs World Literature: Theoretical Orientations


1 Mashrur Shahid HOSSAINJahangirnagar University, Dhaka 1342, Bangladesh

What Tamijer Baap was trying to disperse: Akhtaruzzaman Elias’ Khowabnama (Dream Epic) to Meet World Literature

2 Prasad PANNIAN (Central University of Kerala

The Planetary and the Global: Towards a New World Literature in the Anthropocene

3 TS SATYANATHFormer Professor, Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, University of Delhi

World Literature Canon in Indian Literatures

July 30 (Tues.)

S2 11:00-12:30  BOSE, Aparna Lanjewkar /SHARMA, Vandana /BHARTI, Santosh

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Romancing the Identity: Literature of South Asia & Diaspora

Chair: Mashrur Shahid HOSSAIN

1 Aparna Lanjewkar BOSE (Department of Comparative Literature, EFLU, Hyderabad)

(Re)constructing the Immigrant and the problematic of construction: A comparative study of select women writers

2 Vandana SHARMADepartment of English and Comparative Literature, Central University of Jammu

The Multivoiced South Asian Body in the World

3 Santosh BHARTIDepartment of English, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Women and Identity Politics in Contemporary Literature in South Asia and the World

July 30 (Tues.)

S3 14:00-15:30  MOHAN, Chandra / ANJUM, Mahjabeen Neshat / TALWAR, Urmil

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Literature of the South Asian Diaspora as World Literature

Chair: Bandana CHAKRABARTY

1 Chandra MOHANGeneral Secretary, Comparative Literature Association of India

Another South Asia in the form of New Cosmopolitanism in the world

2 Mahjabeen Neshat ANJUMAcademy of Foreign Language & Cultural Co-operation, Magadh University, BodhGaya

Critiquing South Asian Diasporic Novels from a multi-cultural perspective: A Comparative Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Namesake” And Monica Ali’s “Brick Lane”

3 Urmil TALWARBGD Govt. College, Shahpura, Jaipur

Imperial games and Trade War in South Asia and the World: Ghosh’s River of Smoke and Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans      

July 30 (Tues.)

S4 16:00-17:30  SHUKLA, Surya Prakash / MUKHERJEE, Soma / CHATTERJEE, Abhinaba

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

South Asian Classics in the corpus of World Literature


1 Surya Prakash SHUKLAFormer Professor, Department of English, Rajdhani College, Delhi

Cultural Traditions of the Ramayana in South Asian Countries and the World  

2 Soma MUKHERJEECentre for Comparative Literature, Bhasha Bhavana Visva-Bharati

The idea of World Literature : An Indian Perspective

3 Abhinaba CHATTERJEE (Independent Researcher)

Disorienting Dharma through Narrative: Mahabharata and South Asian religious traditions

July 31 (Wed.)

S1 09:00-10:30 CHAKRABARTY, Bandana / SUNDARAM, Asha

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Multifarious traditions in South Asian Literature

Chair: Vandana SHARMA

1 Bandana CHAKRABARTY (Jt, Director (Academics), Commissionorate of College Education, Rajasthan, Jaipur)

Curating the Soundtracks of Our Lives: The Fiction of Amit Chaudhuri and Kazuo Ishiguro

2 Asha SUNDARAM (Department of English, Govt.PG College, Tonk)

What’s Cooking? Food as a tool of Recognition in South Asian Writings

July 31 (Wed.)

S2 11:00-12:30  RAMAKRISHNAN, EV/ CHATURVEDI, Vinita Gupta / VASHISHT, Shivani 30 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Issues of Representation

Chair: Chandra MOHAN

1 EV RAMAKRISHNAN (Professor Emeritus, Central University of Gujarat)

Translating the Global: Fictional Representation of Transnational Themes in South Asian Literature  

2 Vinita Gupta CHATURVEDIDepartment of English, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

Romancing the (Auto)biographies of Two Women from Pakistan and Myanmar: A Comparative Study

3 Shivani VASHISHTDepartment of English, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad

Making a Room for it’s Own: Re(Reading) Partition Literature vis-à-vis World Literature

July 31 (Wed.)

S3 14:00-15:30  SINGH, Jayshree / ARHA, Abhimanyu Singh / PANWAR, Tamegh

20 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

Vernacular Literature as World Literature

Chair: Krishna Gopal SHARMA

1 Jayshree SINGH Department of English, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Bhupal Nobles University, Udaipur-313001

An Illustrious Poetic Genre “Veer Rasa” in Indian Folk Literature

2 Abhimanyu Singh ARHA Centre for Museology and ConservationUniversity of Rajasthan

Bardic Literature in South Asia and its reception in World Literature

3 Tamegh PANWARDepartment of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

Sufi and folk literature in South Asia: Its Influence on World Literature

July 31 (Wed.)

S4 16:00-17:30  SHARMA, Krishna Gopal/ KUMAR, Neeraj

30 Mins/ Pax, 30 Mins/ Q&A

South Asian Literary Culture

Chair: Surya Prakash SHUKLA

1 Krishna Gopal SHARMADepartment of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan

Comparative Perspective of the Ideology of Upanishads and Sufi saints and its World significance

2 Neeraj KUMARDepartment of English, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya (Bihar) India

Women as Subaltern in Patriarchal Construct: A Comparative Study of Mahasweta Devi's Mother of 1084 and Tehmina Durrani's Blasphemy


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