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Speaker Instruction

Speaker Instruction

1. What are the instructions for oral presentation?

? The presenting authors should be ready in the session room before the session starts, since the session chair will check all presenters at the beginning of each session.

? Prepare Your Presentation; Each oral presentation is normally having 12-15min presentation time and 30min question and answer for each session, please follow the time arrangement by the session chair

? Session Chairs are being asked to be very strict in keeping to the time schedule. Please time your presentation ahead of time, and make sure that it fits within the allotted time.

? You are requested to load your Power Point or Adobe Acrobat presentation materials before the session starts.

Determine Your Audio-Visual Needs

? All meeting rooms are equipped with the following audio-visual equipment:

?     1. LCD Projector

?     2. Windows-based PC

?     3. Screen

?     4. Laser Pointer

? The computers in the meeting rooms are being provided to Windows-based PC users. The PC will be configured with Microsoft Windows operating system as well as with Microsoft Office.

? The screen format is 4 x 3

? Please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick and load it onto the presentation computer at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the session. Please also identify yourself to one of the session Chairs at this time.

Create a Backup Copy of Your Presentation

? We recommend you bring at least 2 copies of your presentation to the meeting in case there is a problem with one of them.

Give Your Presentation

? Be considerate of the other speakers and audience by staying within your allocated time. The allocated time for your presentation includes a discussion and changeover to the next speaker. Session Chairs will hold you to the allotted time. This is essential to ensure adequate time for questions and discussion as well as adherence to the schedule.

In preparing your presentation, remember that it may be viewed from the back of a room seating around 100 people. Font sizes between 18 pt and 24 pt are strongly preferred. If you can't read a version of a slide printed on a standard sheet of paper from a distance of two meters, people are probably going to have trouble reading your projected slide.

? Please discuss the same materials as reported in your paper submission. At the end of the meeting, all presentation files will be destroyed.

? We do NOT provide a speaker ready room.

? please check the Detail program on the website, make sure your presentation time and venue. ( If there are any question on the program, please feel free to contact us

2. Is it possible to use my own laptop?
? No, because it would incur a loss of time. (Exceptions may be possible under exceptional and justified circumstances.)

3. What is the duration of my presentation?
? Prepare Your Presentation; Each oral presentation is normally having 12-15min presentation time and 30min question and answer for each session, please follow the time arrangement by the session chair

? Please check the detailed procedures on the website to make sure your presentation time and location are correct. ( If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact us. (

4. Can I present my paper remotely (e.g., by Skype?)

? No. If none of the coauthors can attend, please contact us


5. Is it possible to request a last-minute change?

? No. Please contact us if there is a problem (

6. I am a session chair. What should I do?

? You should be present in the room at least 10 minutes before the session starts.

? Make sure all the speakers are in the room at least 5 minutes before the session starts and that all presentation has been uploaded on the computer.

? Make sure the session starts on time.

? Before the session starts, insist that the presentation including questions will not exceed the time. Explain to the speaker that you will show them a sign at halfway (five minutes before the end of presentation time, then two minutes before, and then after the presentation time are over).

? Take questions if there are at least one-minutes left. If the questions take too long, don’t hesitate to interrupt them.

? In case there is a problem during the session, please contact a volunteer.

7. What if my question has not been answered here?

? Contact us by email( and attach your paper name and session name. We recommend that you review the FAQ before sending a question.

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